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Our Mission

SimplySEO's mission is of course one of simplicity, we want to make the decision to market your business as easy as it is to subscribe to your favorite streaming services, and if for any reason you're not satisfied with with our services, you can cancel just as easy. (but we don't think that'll happen!)

Our Purpose

SimplySEO exist for the purpose of providing affordable and powerful marketing results to any business that just wants their marketing strategy simplified, but we also exist for that new start-up business that doesn't need to spend additional time on learning to become an SEO and marketing expert.

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Our Story

SimplySEO started out as a desire to show smaller businesses that they too can market their company just as competitively as the big box brands, without it having to be complicated or time consuming. Our team shared a passion to do things a bit differently, we wanted to provide a unique marketing experience that just felt natural, that just felt... well..., simple.


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